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Dyslexia Sparks was born out of a passion for helping people reach their potential and in the last 5 years we have helped over 1,300 people.

We are a small charity who puts care at the heart of what we do – we care about the people we work with, and are committed to making their futures what they want it to be.

It is estimated that around 10% of the population has dyslexia, but it’s likely that the real figure is higher than this. As the leading provider of dyslexia support within the region – we’re making strides, but have a big task ahead of us aspiring for schools, workplaces and governing bodies to support our vision for inclusivity.

Empowering people through education

Whilst most people have heard of dyslexia, like many hidden disabilities, few people fully understand what it is and the impact it has on people’s lives. This is where Dyslexia Sparks’ work begins.

Typically in school, in a class of 30 children, at least two will be dyslexic. To reach these children we organise teacher training and workshops for schools to raise awareness in identifying dyslexia and promote inclusive practices for learning and working. Our efforts have led to more and more schools in the area becoming advocates for our work and referrals for parent support and assessments.

Daisy first met Sparks in July 2021 for a dyslexia assessment. She started specialist tuition the following year and has never looked back. Her parents described the experience so far:

“Before Daisy started at Sparks I worried about her future, but our little girl is now confident with dreams and goals and experiencing success at school. You are simply incredible.”

We recognise in our charity’s mission statement the impact that dyslexia can have on family members, so we offer free advice to support them in any way possible. Our free online workshops help educate and support those families with relevant topics, guest speakers and the latest technological aids.

Our free face-to-face events allows us to commit time to our community and connect parents and carers to other local services and professionals.

By building relationships with employers, we can educate and promote working practices to encourage the growth of valuable staff to fulfil their potential in the workplace.

Our impact

Our small charity has been a lifeline for many in the community; providing essential support and education, not only locally, but increasingly nationally.

In the last year we have carried out over 350 dyslexia assessments to help people gain the support they need, which can have a profound effect on their lives.

Over 120 hours have been given to schools for staff training and awareness sessions, allowing them to support and refer children where needed.

The true impact of Dyslexia Sparks is best seen through the stories of those we have helped. Acre Heads Primary School said:

“On the whole I can’t speak highly enough of Dyslexia Sparks. It’s worked for us as a school, for our pupils and for their parents. We’re very proud to have been involved with other projects that the charity has run.”

One of our parents said:

“The assessment has been a huge help to Leo, his confidence has grown so much since his diagnosis and I think it is partly because he now knows why he finds things difficult.

Where possible we offer bursary funding for assessments and tuition, allowing wider access to the support needed going forward.

“I can’t put into words how much it means to me (and Rose) to finally be able to afford to get her assessed.”

Looking ahead at a bright future for our small charity

With our many years’ experience, we believe understanding dyslexia is the first step towards overcoming barriers and recognising individual strengths. By supporting families, we help give an understanding and acceptance throughout the community.

We are proud of our success to date, but there is still much to do. With the growing need for our services year on year, and continued support, we are getting closer to our goals.

If you would like to get involved, volunteer, or donate, please get in touch. Every contribution makes a difference and helps us keep the spark alive.

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