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Hull & East Yorkshire's only registered charity for dyslexia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sponsor Our Charity

Are you a business wanting to make a difference within the local community? At least 1 in 10 people are believed to be dyslexic, with current estimations suggesting the number could be as high as 1 in 5 – this amounts to a LOT of dyslexic individuals within Hull and the East Riding who continue to need the support of our charity.

Our charity receives no government funding – all of our support is made possible through income generated by our services and fundraising, and with the help of local organisations and trusts. Dyslexia assessments are no longer funded by the Local Authority, meaning Dyslexia Sparks is one of the very few ways a child or young person can receive formal identification of their specific learning needs, and disruptions to learning caused by COVID and cost of living crisis have made our support even more vital than ever.

We also support dyslexic individuals through specialist literacy support, helping them to develop their academic and life skills. We also offer support to parents via regular support sessions and ongoing advice and guidance.

We are also involved with schools via teacher training, parent coffee mornings, and specialist assessments – ensuring all students have access to the support they need.

Dyslexia Sparks also works with local organisations to support their employees and to ensure they can reach their potential within the workplace – with ‘dyslexic thinking’ now officially listed on LinkedIn as a skill which employers are looking for, and which is highly valued in the current world of work.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can support the local community by sponsoring Dyslexia Sparks and their events, please contact Founding Director, Jane Craig.

Ambassador Project

The Ambassador Team is a funded project, bringing together dyslexic children and young people, to help raise awareness of dyslexia and Dyslexia Sparks. Being involved gives young people the chance to identify and celebrate their strengths, help others see the positives of dyslexia, develop skills, and help others learn about how Dyslexia Sparks can support them.

Meeting around 6 times per year, the Ambassador Team have great fun planning and supporting events, as well as coming up with new ways to achieve their mission!

“The ambassador programme, and the atmosphere and community it offers, is having a great impact on my son in terms of building his social skills and confidence.”

If your child would be interested in getting involved – please get in touch.

Volunteer With Us

Dyslexia Sparks regularly hold fundraising and other events, where helpers are always welcome! If you’re looking to give back to your local community and gain some volunteering experience, please send us a message.

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