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We know World Book Day can be daunting and stressful when reading is a challenge, so here are a few tips and ideas from the Dyslexia Sparks team to help your child get involved and enjoy it.

This year’s theme for World Book Day is ‘Read Your Way’ and wants everyone to let go of the pressure and expectation of reading. Dyslexia Sparks have listed some storytelling and creative ideas such as a treasure hunt, playing as a favourite character or reading comics and other suggestions here.

One book the Sparks Team believe all children with dyslexia would love to read is “Xtraordinary People: Made By Dyslexia”. As soon as we understand what we’re xtraordinarily good at, there’s no limit to where our strengths will take us. Order a copy here.

Barrington stoke make a wide variety of books expertly designed to help dyslexic and reluctant readers. They help guide you to pick the right ones appropriate to the age of the reader but the text is edited to suit a lower reading ability.

Teachers and parents can also access a variety of free activity sheets and resources on their website.

Audiobooks are a big winner for dyslexic readers big and small and can be a real gateway into the wonderful world of stories.

World Book Day Audio sponsor Yoto have a great selection of story cards and provide a selection of free audiobook stories via their app. Listening Books is a UK charity that provides audiobook services to individuals with a disability (including dyslexia). With over 10,000 titles to pick from, packages start at £20 a year for unlimited downloads and streaming.

Read your way this World Book Day and, most of all, have fun.

The Sparks Team