Hull and East Yorkshire’s only registered charity for dyslexia
Supporting dyslexic individuals of all ages
Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments
Specialist Tuition
Support, Help and Advice
Our Vision
A world where dyslexic individuals are valued and celebrated for what they have to offer

Dyslexia Sparks is Hull and East Yorkshire’s only registered charity for dyslexia.

  • We support dyslexic individuals of all ages to fulfil their potential through diagnostic dyslexia assessments, specialist tuition, training and advice.
  • Our qualified team of specialised tutors and assessors is passionate about helping individuals with dyslexia and associated Specific Learning Difficulties (SPLDs) to thrive.
  • We recognise and celebrate the individual strengths that dyslexic individuals have to offer. Our vision is for a world where dyslexic individuals can flourish #FindYourSpark .
  • Our diagnostic dyslexia assessments and specialist tuition for dyslexia are available for individuals of all ages across the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire region. Contact us to book an appointment.
  • We deliver training to schools and organisations in the area, helping them to spot the signs of dyslexia and support dyslexic individuals.
  • As a registered charity we provide funding to eligible households in Hull and East Yorkshire to help with the cost of diagnostic dyslexia assessments and specialist tuition.
  • We help families of dyslexic individuals through free advice, events and our free monthly parent support group.
  • We campaign to raise understanding of and positivity around dyslexia.

Latest News & Events

Children’s Mental Health – free online support

Join Dyslexia Sparks’ free online group for parents and carers – Thursday 11th February, 10am to 11am – for a special focus on children’s mental health. Held as part of Dyslexia Sparks’ support for this
February’s Children’s Mental Health Week,
this free support session will be of interest to any parents/carers and teachers wanting to gain an understanding of how to support mental health for children.

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Support for Dyslexia – Free online event

Do you suspect your child has dyslexia but are unsure what you can do to help? Or do you know your child has dyslexia – or an associated Specific Learning Difficulty – and want to know what support is available?

Join Dyslexia Sparks’ free online parent support group – Thursday 21st January, 10am – and find out how we can help you and your family.

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