Dyslexia Sparks Celebrates Sparky Students’ Successes

We were thrilled to welcome so many of our Sparky Students and their families to our end of year celebration event this year!

Night of a Thousand Sparks – which took place on 25th July at Swanland Village Hall – celebrated the hard work, determination and achievements shown by our superstar Sparky Students through the 2020-21 academic year. 

This annual event commends the improved literacy skills shown by students receiving specialist tuition, delivering a significant boost to the confidence of our dyslexic learners. 

We’re extremely fortunate to have been supported by several local businesses who sponsored our event, helping us deliver a spectacular celebration to recognise the achievements of our Sparky Students.

Here, our sponsors tell us the reasons they support Hull and East Yorkshire’s only registered charity, Dyslexia Sparks:

“Dyslexia Sparks do fantastic work in supporting young people with dyslexia and some of their young people are also members of our young design team – many of them designed the Dyslexia Sparks logo! Our mutual aims means we are extremely proud to support the Night of a Thousand Sparks awards and celebrate the achievements of their sparky young people!”

“I would like to thank Dyslexia Sparks for all their help and support throughout the pandemic. I’ve seen my son’s confidence grow with his learning and his attitude towards his schoolwork has really improved. The main positive for me is he understands himself, he knows he’s not alone and he knows he can achieve great things! Thank you to Laura and the team.” 

“I am passionate about helping people to believe in themselves and to realise their full potential and reach their goals.  I think everyone is unique and beautiful and everyone has something amazing inside of them to share with the world.  This passion led me to create my own business whereby I can play my part in supporting people to feel happier, more fulfilled and achieve their goals.  I am honoured to have been accepted to support the charity – Dyslexia Sparks.  Their own ethos of supporting individuals to fulfil their potential and what they do within their charity to support this blends perfectly with my own mission.”

“We are very happy to be part of such a wonderful organisation and hope to be for many years to come.”

“Hide & Sleep Teepee Party Co are delighted to join Dyslexia Sparks in celebrating the achievements of their Sparky Students.”

“Thanks to Dyslexia Sparks my son’s progress has come on leaps and bounds. We are delighted to help raise funds for this amazing charity so they can support even more dyslexic individuals and their families.”

Huge thank you to our sponsors we are so grateful for your support.

And congratulations to our Sparky Students!