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How Does Dyslexia Affect People?

Dyslexia affects people in various ways at different times in life. 

Dyslexia makes some things harder to learn – it puts barriers in the way of progress.  But, almost always, those barriers can be overcome, especially with the right kind of help and support. 

It is wrong to think of dyslexia as just a reading problem. Many people with dyslexia can become quite good readers, whilst others may read slowly with inaccuracies. Usually, the most persistent difficulty is with spelling.  

It is also wrong to think of dyslexia as just a problem with written words.  Many can also experience some difficulty with spoken words, especially coming up with a specific name or date when under pressure of time, or remembering a list or sequence of spoken words such as a telephone number.  

For many adults with dyslexia, it is issues with short-term memory and speed of processing that are more frustrating than issues with reading or spelling.